How to Care for your Medical Uniforms Hygienically

Scrubs Uniforms for the Daily Hospital Duty

Scrubs Uniforms for the Daily Hospital Duty

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If you are working in medical health care, using a scrubs uniform is not new to you. Scrubs uniforms or also called scrubs suits are worn by medical personnel during their hospital duty hours. Aside from their signature white medical uniform, we mostly see them wearing a pair of scrubs suits that are in different colors. 

Scrubs uniforms that Jogowear offers inspire health professionals with the comfort and high-functional features that it provides. These Australian-designed modern scrubs are made with heavy-duty fabrics that make them light and comfortable to use. They also come in different variants of colors such as graphite gray, navy blue, and midnight black.

The use of wearing color-coded scrubs uniforms has significance to medical professionals. It’s not just about the fashion that they choose to wear such a color today. Many hospitals control the color-coded scrubs suits according to the department that each of the medical healthcare belongs to. The use of scrubs uniforms has been a part of their daily duties that is why it is also important that they also care for its quality and ensure that it lasts long. Read on and learn how you can take care of your medical uniforms hygienically. 

Ways to Properly Care for your Medical Uniforms

Ways to Properly Care for your Medical Uniforms 

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Another good thing about this medical gear is that it is reusable and it lasts long use. To maintain good quality and ensure that your gear will last longer, there are the proper ways to care for it. 

  1. Washing the medical scrubs

    Washing the medical scrubs is one of the most important parts of maintaining your scrub suits. If you are washing 100% cotton scrubs, you will need to use cold water on them. Unlike when you are washing a 65% cotton and polyester blend suit, you will need to wash it with warm water. Both require the use of a heavy-duty detergent and rinse them well. Tip for washing the 100% cotton suit, add 2.25 oz of white vinegar to the rinsing water which will help soften the fabric. Then dry it on the lowest tumble dry setting of the dryer to keep the fabric from fading or shrinking. While the Polyester blend suit can be dried even on the regular heat dryer.Disinfecting your scrubs suit

  2. Disinfect the suit

    In disinfecting the medical scrub you must keep in mind the importance of using disposable gloves before getting started. The use of chlorine bleach for white cotton scrubs is helpful for the disinfecting process. Pour the bleach into the water and not directly to the clothes. While for non-cotton colored scrubs, you may use the 80%-pine oil product as a replacement for the bleach that you applied for the white scrubs.

  3. Ironing your hospital uniform

    Mostly, cotton scrubs does not require to be ironed at all because of their soft and breathable feature. That is also the case for polyester blends. Not ironing the suit can save your time but if you want it to look more pleasant, ironing can reduce the little wrinkles on it.

  4. Properly storing the suit

    After doing the washing, disinfecting, and ironing your scrubs uniform, store them by hanging them up inside the closet or fold them and put them inside the drawer.

  5. Do the repairs on the damaged part of the suit

    Because scrubs uniforms can be used for a longer period of time like ordinary clothes, you can’t prevent it from having lost thread which can easily be done by the scissors. Or if there is bigger damage on other parts, you must repair it right away before the damage gets bigger and worsen.

  6. Treating stains or fluids on medical scrubs

    Getting stains on your suits is unavoidable especially if you are exposed to blood splatter, ointments, liquid medications, iodine, and even vomit, urine, feces. You must see to it that your scrubs uniform is free from these specks of stains before heading to duty.

    Blood Stain

    Clean the blood stain by soaking it with cold water. Hot water can make the blood hold deeper into the fabric which will become harder to remove. Rinse it with the continuous flow of cold water until all the stain washes away. There may be some remains that you can wash with heavy-duty detergent.


    These are oil-based stain so it needs hot or warm water to be removed. Avoid rubbing it, you only need to take away the solid substance on it. To completely remove the stain, wash it with a heavy detergent and rinse it in hot or warm water.

    Liquid medications

    Liquid medications have colors added to them. You may need a mixed solution that contains cool water and oxygen-based bleach. Soak the affected part of the garment on the mix solution for an hour or more until the color fades. Then wash.

    Iodine stain

    To remove the iodine stain, soak it with warm water that is prepared with a heavy detergent for 30 minutes. Then wash it with warm water as well.

    Vomit, urine, and feces

    Getting stained with vomit, urine, and feces, can be cleaned by washing your suit with cold water. Solid matters will get soften by the cold water, you only need to remove them. Remember, rubbing the solid matters on the fabric can deeper the stain. After removing the solid stains, wash them with a heavy detergent. Then rinse it with cold water and 1/2 cup of baking soda that will lessen the odor.

These are the proper ways to take care of your medical scrubs uniforms. Simply follow the steps and enjoy the long-lasting use of your suit. 

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