4 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Recov Supplements

Athletes usually take protein supplements either for muscle gain, injury recovery, or weight loss.  Most of the time, however, their decision to take protein supplements is based on marketing claims and rarely on evidence-based research.  

Though there are many other natural sources for protein like meat, eggs, legumes, and milk, protein powders have become very popular today especially to bodybuilders as a high-quality source of protein.  

Recov is a dietary supplement containing amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.  It has very effective protein once absorbed by the body.  

Here are the benefits gym enthusiasts and athletes can get from Recov supplements.

1. Muscle Gain

Athletes and gym enthusiasts take protein supplements to improve their performance and to increase muscle mass.  Recov supplements when combined with resistance training may increase muscle mass and improve muscle growth.  It also helps to enhance the performance and recovery rate.  As you increase your consumption of high-quality protein, more resistance training will help in stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Another interesting study suggests that protein shakes can help promote weight gain even in a weight loss diet.  

A study tested 40 men who were following a high protein diet using protein supplements.  It was seen that they are able to increase muscle mass and lose fat mass when they did strength and cardio training while taking the supplement.

2. Weight Loss

There are several ways protein supplements can help in weight loss.  One of these is the feeling of fullness that protein shakes provide.  Protein seems to influence the production of the hormones involved in appetite control and stimulation such as Glucagon-like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) and Peptide Tyrosine-Tyrosine (PYY).

These two hormones both help in reducing hunger.  GLP-1 helps in delaying the emptying of your stomach’s content.  Thus, these two hormones help in making you feel full longer.  

Another evidence also suggests that protein may reduce ghrelin levels.  It is a hormone stimulating one’s appetite.

3. Metabolism Boost

High protein diets help in increasing the calories you burn.  There are two ways that our body burns calories.  The first is known as diet-induced Thermogenesis or DIT.  It is when your body burns more calories by metabolizing proteins rather than fats or carbs.  

Second, diets that are high in protein stimulate gluconeogenesis.  This is the process of producing glucose from fats and proteins when carbs are not present.  This is believed to burn more calories.

4. Lose Belly Fat

Another great thing about high protein diets is that they help in fat oxidation and fat loss.  According to a study made, increasing one’s intake of protein from high-quality sources like protein supplements can promote fat loss in the midsection or the abdominal fat.

Losing the fat in the belly area is very important because such fat is linked to heart disease and insulin resistance.  

A study made to 37 women showed that those who are consuming extra 40 grams of their required protein intake per day show a visible reduction in their belly fat as compared to those who consume less amount of high-quality protein.


If you are looking for a great muscle-building strategy that also aids in weight loss, then protein supplements are a great option.  They will make it a lot easier for you to increase your protein intake. Because protein supplements can help you boost your metabolism, shed some belly fat, and control your appetite, they surely are effective for weight loss.  And when combined with proper resistance training, protein supplements will help you gain muscle and improve your performance at the same time.

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