• November 17, 2020

Are taking vitamin supplements every day worth it?

Our bodies have a lot of needs. We need vitamins, minerals and amino-acids in order to function well. The vitamins you need will depend on your own body, your lifestyle and your diet. Many people can get the vitamins they need from a healthy well-balanced diet.

Taking daily vitamins can be highly beneficial in many circumstances including and not limited to:

  • trying to gain muscle mass,
  • changing diet radically or quickly such as becoming a vegan or vegetarian, trying a ketogenic diet or cutting out nutrient rich foods such as meats or fish for religious reasons,
  • trying to conceive,
  • adjusting sleep patterns or managing extreme stress,
  • living in areas with unfertile soil and/or lack of sun,
  • travelling often,
  • transitioning from an outdoor workplace to an office, a mine or similar.

Vitamins are essential to healthy living and for many of us it is hard to take in all that we need on a regular basis. This is why taking vitamins daily alongside a healthy diet can be hugely beneficial to our health.

It is also important to listen to our bodies when selecting vitamins. If you have been fatigued, sluggish and more stressed than usual then it is best to see your doctor and get a blood test to decide if you may need vitamin C or iron supplements. If you are trying to conceive folic acid (for women) and vitamin b or calcium (men) are good option as they help reproductive functions such as egg health and sperm mobility respectively.


There is lot of debate regarding supplement use but many experts agree that if you are taking supplements then they are much more effective if they are taken daily. This ensures that your body is getting what it needs. This will also ensure your sleep, moods, gastro-movement and hormone productions remain regular as your body will know what it is getting and when, over time.

Vitamin supplements can also be taken flexibly. Some, such as sleep support, should be taken at a particular time of day. Most vitamins can be taken at anytime and the container or your doctor can tell you if they should be taken with food or on their own.

When taking a vitamin supplement daily it is best to avoid multivitamins unless you know they work well with your body. Most people find it more effective to take only the vitamins that they specifically need. If you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle you should consult with your personal trainer and nutritionist to determine what you may and may not need to take.

It is important to remember that vitamin supplements are just that. Supplements. They should not be used in order to avoid exercise, sunshine or eating a healthy and balanced diet. This can lead to many health problems later on. You should also follow the instructions given on how often to take your supplements. Taking an excessive of a supplement such as iron can harm your health.

Vitamin supplements are a great way to help your body work at its best if taken when and as directed. Always consult with a doctor or health practitioner before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle. 

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