• February 16, 2021

The four best weight loss protein powders

Weight loss protein powders are seen as an effective way to burn fat and shred lean muscle. Using weight loss protein powders can help reduce your appetite, meaning you eat less and burn more calories. Furthermore, they can also help increase your metabolism, thus further burning unwanted fat.


Here is a list of our top four weight loss protein powders.

Magic Whey by Magic Nutrition


Magic whey is a standout favourite at our online store. It is specially designed to reduce unwanted body fat whilst retaining lean muscle tissue. Magic Whey contains a host of features which make it so popular amongst trainers, including:

– It is low sugar and carb

-Promotes leaning up through fatty acids

-Improves digestion

-Made from high-quality protein to help post-workout recovery


Magic Whey is renowned for providing 26g of high-quality protein as well as all the fatty acids needed to help burn belly and body fat whilst increasing muscle strength. 

OxyWhey by EHP Labs


OxyWhey is another really popular choice amongst trainers, designed to support body fat loss and lean muscle mass programs. OxyWhey is made from 70% WPI, 20% WPC and 10% Casein for an ongoing release effect protein that is easy on the stomach and can be consumed at any time of the day.


OxyWhey also contains micellar Casein, a slower digesting protein form which takes more than eight hours to digest. This helps keep the body fueled with amino acids for longer periods of time, thus assisting the trainer’s weight loss/workout program. 

Maxine’s Burn by MAX’s


Maxine’s Burn is specifically designed to help women with fat burning, muscle recovery and toning. The awesome protein blend will fuel muscle recovery after a heavy session and also maintain a strong metabolism. Furthermore, Maxine’s Burn contains an added fat loss support complex, making it great for women looking to shape up and maintain a firm, toned look. 


Maxine’s Burn has added thermogenic to further support weight loss, especially in conjunction with a healthy diet and steady workout routine. 

Shred System by MAX’s


Another MAX’s product to help shred body fat and retain lean muscle tissue, Shred System contains advanced fat burners and carb blockers. Shred System helps people looking to burn body fat maintain a strong metabolism and provides serious energy even when dieting. Shred System contains a specialised protein and amino acid combination that helps maintain lean muscle whilst burning unwanted body fat. A unique and highly intuitive protein for people looking to shred fat and retain awesome muscle. 


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Spartansuppz is a leader in world-class supplements. We believe weight loss protein powders can potentially help trainers burn unwanted belly/body fat and get to where they want to be when it comes to shredding lean muscle. Browse the awesome weight loss protein powders from Magic Nutrition, EHP Labs and MAX’s here, finding out why Spartansuppz is a champion for world-class workout supplements.

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