• February 16, 2021

What are peptides & are they good for muscle growth?

Seasoned trainers and gym newcomers alike have all heard of peptides: they’re the mini-proteins said to have maximum effect on our bodies and recovery. But what exactly are peptides and, more importantly, how do they work to give our bodies the boost they need to get us back in the gym and smashing out some serious training?


Here is our guide to premium peptides and whether or not they optimise post-session muscle growth.


What are peptides?


There are many types of peptides, as they are a mini-protein that are made up of under 50 amino acids. Some peptides, like collagen, occur naturally in food and are part of a healthy diet. Conversely, many peptides enter the realm of the experimental, being relatively new to the fitness community and still without proper understanding. 


When buying peptide supplements, it is worth noting that supplement companies tend to break down certain proteins into peptides so that your body can more readily absorb them. Collagen is another example of this, as collagen proteins are harder to digest than their peptide sub-protein. 


Peptides also occur naturally in the body. Peptides can work as hormones, delivering information from tissue to tissue through the bloodstream. Peptides have received a pretty bad rap outside of the fitness world due to certain versions being readily available in illegal performance-enhancing drugs. These peptides are made to mimic the effects of naturally-occurring peptides in the body and, therefore, provide maximum effect.


Despite this unfortunate reputation, it must be remembered that peptides occur naturally in the body and are found in many foods like meat, eggs, dairy products, soy, oats, hemp seeds and many other staples of a healthy diet. 


Are peptides good for muscle growth?


Creatine peptides work by increasing the amount of energy your muscles can store whilst recharging your muscles in rest periods. Creatine helps to create more powerful workouts before charging down and using oxygen for energy. Creatine can essentially help you do those few extra reps that you may not have been able to do without it.


Creatine peptides have been utilised in training for many years, as trainers find that they work for building muscle and increasing strength. As creatine peptides may be easier to digest than creatine proteins, they can potentially have more impact on the body than creatine proteins and without the digestive issues. Peptides aid protein synthesis, and therefore trainers enjoy using them to build lean, powerful muscle. Furthermore, creatine peptides can help trainers bulk up as their muscles fill with more water. 


We sell premium peptides


If you’re a trainer looking to quickly build lean, powerful muscle, then creatine peptides could be right for you. We do warn that only healthy individuals take creatine peptides, as they can have negative side effects for people whose health and fitness is not at a particularly high standard. 


Feel free to browse our collection of peptides for sale, with the world’s best producers creating high-quality products for muscle growth and recovery. 

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